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GTG-FX credit card recorder


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GTG FX is a small-sized audio recorder with a footprint of a credit card and a thickness of 1.5 mm.


It is characterized by high microphone sensitivity that allows high quality voice recording even in difficult acoustic conditions like noisy environments or outdoors.


The voice recorder ultra-low power consumption allows it to record continuously for more than 55 hours with the highest 24bit @ 16kHz audio quality. Implemented Voice activation system signifi - cantly extends this time.


GTG credit card voice recorder is supplied with a USB adaptor for records download and configuration settings. The records can be set to have metadata with additional information about the records, and to have limited password protected access.


  •           KEY FEATURES


                  Audio resolution 16/24 bit

  •         Sampling frequencies 8/16/24 Khz
  •         Compression: none or 4bit ADPCM
  •         No button, touch swipe control
  •         Up to 55 hours continuous recording
  •         Max recording time 150 hours@8 KHz (ADPCM)
  •         0, 1 mA in standby mode
  •         Voice activation up to 190 hours
  •         Password protected access to the stored data
  •         VAS, Scheduled, manual recording modes
  •         Propriotary file system
  •         Digital Signature



A special feature of GTG FX is touch swipe interface.

The voice recorder has no mechanical buttons, therefore it is more robust and indistinguishable

from a regular smart card.

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