New Camouflaged voice recorders GTG-GSM Folder

Camouflaged voice recorders GTG-GSM Folder


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Designed to suppress all types of voice recorders and all types of cellular communication.

The device has 2 modes:

GTG-GSM Folder, which provides protection from recording to various devices, such as miniature voice recorders, smartphones, etc., up to five meters away. The principle of operation is based on the multichannel generation of ultrasound with a constantly changing frequency according to a special algorithm. This interference affects the microphone and, as a result, is recorded along with the surrounding background, but since the interference is unique, the recording can not be cleared by any special programs or filters;
Radio signals suppressor, blocks the cellular communication, mobile Internet, Wi-Fi and GPS data transfer at a distance of up to 15 meters.

The “ GTG-GSM Folder” suppressor is primarily designed to block recording at important negotiations. The device harmoniously fits into any business situation and will not arouse suspicion among your partners during the negotiations. Using our equipment, you reduce the probability of information leakage to the minimum! Features The suppressor is disguised as the high-quality black leather Montblanc folder. This will allow the device to be used in negotiations without attracting unnecessary attention; Ultrasonic suppression of microphones. 12 emitters are built into the suppressor, which directly noise the microphone membrane of the recording device; Blocking of wireless communication. The built-in radio frequency suppressor blocks any data transmission through cellular communication and mobile Internet within a radius of up to 15 meters; Remote control. The suppressor can be activated unnoticed to others by means of a radio remote control. The range of the remote control is up to 15 meters, which allows placing the folder in any place of the negotiation table and turn it on at the most important moment unnoticed! Autonomous work. Voice recorders suppressor is equipped with a battery, which provides operation for up to two hours when using any of the modes separately.

Jamming frequencies: 925-960 Мhz
GPRS(downlink): 925-960 Мhz EDGE(downlink): 925-960 Мhz UMTS(downlink): 925-960 Мhz GSM-900(downlink): 925-960 Мhz EGSM(downlink): 925-960 Мhz
Jamming frequencies: 1805-1880 Мhz
EDGE(downlink): 1805-1880 Мhz GPRS(downlink): 1805-1880 Мhz HSUPA(downlink): 1805-1880 Мhz DCS(downlink): 1805-1880 Мhz LTE B3(downlink): 1805-1880 Мhz GSM-1800(downlink): 1805-1880 Мhz
Jamming frequencies:: 790-826 Мhz

Standards: AMPS/D-AMPS: 790-826 Mhz LTE B20(downlink): 791-821 Мhz
Jamming frequencies:: 850-894 Мhz
LTE B5(downlink): 869-894 Мhz GSM-850(downlink): 869-894 Мhz ZigBee: 868 Мhz LPD868: 868 Мhz CDMA: 850-890 Мhz
Jamming frequencies: 2110-2170 Мhz
IMT-MC(downlink): 2110-2170 Мhz W-CDMA(downlink): 2110-2170 Мhz HSDPA(downlink): 2110-2170 Мhz HSPA+(downlink): 2110-2170 Мhz
Jamming frequencies: 2400-2500 Мhz
Wi-Fi: 2400-2500 Мhz Bluetooth: 2450-2485 Мhz RC 2.4G (video): 2400-2500 Мhz
Jamming frequencies: 1570-1610 Мhz
GPS L1 (1 Generation): 1602 Мhz GPS L1 (2 Generation): 1600,995 Мhz GPS L1: 1575,42 Мhz GPS L1 (3 Generation): 1575,42 Мhz
Jamming frequencies: 2620-2690 Мhz
WiMax: 2620-2690 Мhz LTE B7(downlink): 2620-2690 Мhz

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