New Sale! The Stealth MNG-300 Portable White Acoustic Noise Generator

The Stealth MNG-300 Portable White Acoustic Noise Generator


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The Stealth MNG-300
The Portable White Acoustic Noise Generator

The Stealth MNG-300 Skeller generates white acoustic noise in the speech frequency range of 250-4500 Hertz. Sound interference is put onto the recording and makes its quality worse. Due to a uniform distribution of white noise along the whole sound range, clearance of the obtained recording is impossible. The unit should be placed near the designated person to be protected. A digital-analog synthesizer is used to produce the noise.
The Stealth MNG-300 will improve the security of your important conversation such as a business negotiation and protect you against listening and recording devices. When it is used in the correct manner, the Stealth MNC-300 Skeller will protect you from:
  • Voice Recorders(tape and digital type)
  • Microphones, Wireless Microphoness
  • Stethoscopes, laser window stethoscopes
  • GSM-transmitters, etc.
The Stealth MNG-300 creates a additional barrier interference which masks your speech, when a certain noise level is reached a listening device which can record or transmit the information. It is extremely dificult or impossible to extract the speech component fromthe noise. Since the generator creates a "white noise" which is distributed throughout the speech range of spectrum of human voice, cleaning of the noise is not possible if the level of noise is sufficient.
- Decreases efficiency of voice recorders (intelligibility drops by 90%)
- Influences radio microphones and stethoscopes with an efficiency of up to 95%
- Absolutely harmless to your health: no electromagnetic or ultrasound radiation
- Frequency response: 250~4500 Hz
- Portable: can be prepared for usage within a second 2.7x5.5x8.6 cm
- Has a durable case with a leather pouch
- Powered by one 9V battery

Principal of work

White noise
Frequency response
250-4500 Hz
2.7 x 5.5 x 8.6 cm
Power on/off, Volume
Power, Volume (10 segments)
Supplied set
Unit, leather case, battery, user manual




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Countermeasures, TSCM, Counterintelligence, Eavesdropping Detection,
Privacy, Communications Security, Bug & Wiretap Detection

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