New Ultrasonic Suppressor of The Stealth NRC

Audio Recorder Smartphone Jammer of The Stealth NRC


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Silent type (does not seem sound, noise, etc.)

Audio Recorder Smartphone Jammer

 of The Stealth NRC

The Stealth NRC is designed to protect from:

• Digital and analog voice recorders

• The latest models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, etc.

• Third persons who are eavesdropping

• GSM/ Bluetooth/Wi-Fi transmitters

※ Old types of microphones cannot be suppressed by ultrasound while the latest types of microphones can be suppressed well.

The Stealth NRC device is the most advanced and unique system to ensure full protection of human speech. Not all of the listening devices can be detected by existing methods. Remotely controlled radio microphones, wired microphones, passive resonators, miniature voice recorders - practically all of these devices can't be detected by conventional methods. Even the modern cell phones may contain a digital voice recorder. This means that any phone lying on a table or in a pocket, can be used by the adversary to record a conversation or transmission of any acoustic information.

Taking the above into consideration, it becomes obvious that it is extremely important to have a reliable device to protect private conversations. The concept of the protection device The Stealth NRC speech is based on the generation of ultrasonic and audible noise at the same time with speech of humans. Ultrasonic emitter device completely blocks super-quality modern microphones, while the acoustics, even in the low volume, successfully fight with any analog and poor-quality old systems - all in the complex provides full protection of companion. Unique audio noise can't be eliminated by any method of the record cleaning.

Main Functions:

1. Ultrasound suppression: Each of the 11 ultrasonic transducers 120 dB power creates a powerful barrier to the ultrasonic microphones in modern phones such as iPhone, Samsung and others, as well as advanced voice recorders: Edik mini etc, allowing to suppress these devices even in silent mode!!

2. The acoustic suppression: Low sound quality of acoustic dynamic with 3W maximum power is able to easily suppress analog phone's microphone, as well as any non-modern recorders and microphones in radius. The radius of suppression depends on the size of the room and the distance to the companion and is selected by setting the volume - the handle on the front panel.


Ultrasound suppression power: 11 х 120dB.

Acoustic suppression power: ..... 3W.

Battery capacity: ............................. 4A/ h.

Full-charge time: ............................. 5h

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