New GTG Digital Encryption Headset  VS-2020

GTG Scrambler Headset over GSM, UMTS, VoLTE, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime...VS-2020


Bluetooth headset, paired with iPhone or Android phone,
supporting encrypted calls over GSM, UMTS, VoLTE,
Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime...

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Currently, commercial encrypted headset products are generally applying scrambling technology. However, no matter how complicated the scrambling solution is, “the residue of speech intelligibility” will be existed. That is, there will be a speech characteristic vulnerability that can restore the scrambled voices to the original voices without cryptographic algorithm cracking. All this has been proved that commercial encrypted headset products using scrambling technology will not be secure enough for encrypted calls.

By adopting AMSI digital modulation technology, VS-2020 can transmit high reliability data through voice compressed and coded channels (e.g. cellular calls, VoIP, etc.), and it’s the first headset product in the world to realize end-to-end encrypted communication by using digital voice encryption technology.

The process of VS-2020 is: compress and code the user’s speech first, then encrypt the coded data with high-strength cryptographic algorithm, modulate the encrypted digital stream to audio signal that is similar to the sound of fax Modem and send to the phone. Therefore, there will be no any speech intelligibility residue in the voice channels during the transmission of audio signal. Eavesdroppers can only decrypt the encrypted voices by cryptographic algorithm cracking. The security level of VS-2020 is totally determined by the adopted strength of cryptographic algorithm.

The cryptographic algorithm adopted by VS-2020 is fully compliant with the highest commercial security standards :

■ key agreement algorithm: ECDH, dynamic key negotiation

■ speech cryptographic algorithm: AES256, CTR mode

VS-2020 adopts voice source encryption solution. Users’ voice has already been encrypted before sending to the phone devices, that can resist the risk of eavesdropping to the maximum extent, not only could prevent line eavesdropping from carriers, network, SS7, cellular interceptor, but also could prevent eavesdropping from mobile spywares, backdoors, etc.

  • Bluetooth protocol version 5.0, supporting iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Securely encrypts GSM, UMTS and VoLTE cellular voice calls.
  • Securely encrypts WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Line and other VoIP calls.
  • Supporting intercommunication with the encrypted phones and landline encryption devices of Reliaspeak.
  • End-to-end digital voice encryption, No backdoor.
  • Simple operation, wire control, one button for call answering and encrypted/normal switching.
  • Small and lightweight design for easy carrying.


Applicable mobile phone models iPhone7/8/X/11, Huawei Mate20/P30, Samsung S9/S10…
Connecting method Bluetooth
Supported cellular voice communications GSM、UMTS、VoLTE
Signal requirements of encrypted call GSM: >-90dB; UMTS: > -90dB; LTE (VoLTE): > -100dB
Supported VoIP communications WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Facetime, Signal...
Speech coding rate of encrypted call 1.2kbps
Switching time of encrypted/normal call <10s
playCryptographic algorithm key agreement: ECDH;
data cryptographic algorithm: AES256, CTR mode
Music supported
Battery life call duration: 2.5 hrs; standby time: 15 hrs
Indicator light Power-on indication, Bluetooth status indication,
battery/charging indication,
normal/encrypted call indication
Dimensions 86mm * 52mm * 10mm; weight: 38g
External interface 3.5mm headset jack; Micro USB interface
Charging 5V 1A DC power adapter
Package VS-2020 X 1; 3.5mm earphone X 1; USB cable X1; manual/warranty card


Which phone models are supported?

VS-2020 supports iPhone7 or higher,  and most of the Android smartphone with Qualcomm 845 , Kirin 970 or higher chipset.

Whether VS-2020 must be used in pairs?

Yes, both sides must use VS-2020 for encrypted calls. Otherwise, one side encrypts the voice, another side can’t decrypt it.

Is it possible to make encrypted calls via cellular voice communications anywhere in the world?

Yes, but you need to select carriers who support GSM (using EFR or AMR speech coding), UMTS or VoLTE. VS-2020 can not be used under CDMA or CDMA2000 network. In addition, for roaming and international long-distance calls, the effect of encrypted calls can not be guaranteed due to the different technical standards adopted by different carriers, as well as the possible problem caused by speech transcoding.

Which VoIP applications are supported?

Frankly speaking, there are too many VoIP applications to be tested one by one. Generally, VoIP applications with good voice quality can support encrypted calls. Here are some common VoIP applications that have been proven to work, such as Facetime, WhatsApp, Line, Skype … For other VoIP applications, you need to test and discover them yourself.

Whether VoIP encrypted calls can be made anywhere in the world?
Yes, VS-2020 could be used to make encrypted calls as long as your phone is connected to the internet and VoIP calls are in normal status. The effect of encrypted VoIP calls is related to network bandwidth, latency, and package loss rate. It is recommended to choose 4G network or 5G Wi-Fi as prior options.
Why do we recommend using 4G/5G network or 5.8G Wi-Fi for encrypted VoIP calls?
VS-2020 connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. There will be signal interference if both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use the same frequency band of 2.4GHz, resulting in loss or distortion of the modulated waveform of encrypted calls transmitted by Bluetooth, thus will cause worse sound quality. In addition, It is also found that different brands and models of mobile phones have different degrees of interference (mainly due to the differences in antenna design). In order to avoid  signal interference completely, It is recommended to choose 4G/5G network or 5.8G Wi-Fi as prior options.

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