About Us


Our company provides high-tech equipment for anti-tapping, which are scientifically researched and manufacture by TSCM experts. Our headquarter is located at Manhattan in New York, exploring global markets toward Europe and Asia demanding professional security markets.

Specifically, we can serve you with surveillance system, called “The Stealth Series,” all 365-day year round, which transmits strange event to Emergency Center immediately after receiving tapping symptoms through the security units installed round the customer’s major security zones. This is the first real-time tapping detector as well as tapping-preventer in the world. This sophisticated technology will surely contribute to the enhanced service with the customer’s clients and consolidate the confidence between the customers and their clients.



Our Brands



Meaning of Symbol

This symbol delineates two exercising Stealth fight-jets

Stealth means “Secretly and quietly” detecting enemies in military terms. Especially it is not seen on the radar screen so that it is best concealing. Its meaning in our products means detecting concealed tapping secretly.