New SPLAS-2M Hidden Video Cameras Detectors

SPLAS-2M Professional hidden camera detector


ü  Height – 220 mm

ü  Width – 150 mm

ü  Thickness –  80 mm

ü  Weight –  1,6 kg

ü  Power supply  –  12

ü  Operation time –  at least 3 hours

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Electrooptical instrument SPLAS-2P is designed for remote detection and visualization the place of covert electrooptical surveillance systems (ESS) including night vision devices (NVD) and sniper sights (SS) camouflaged in the various items. Device equipped with long-focus lenses (up to 1000m) and conducting counter-surveillance under conditions of both intensive light and at night. 

New modification SPLAS-2M in metal case is available! 
The technical characteristics are the same with SPLAS-2P modification!

The effect of light reflection consisting in ability of optical objects to reflect the probing radiation in the opposite direction at an angle, close to a corner of its falling is the basis of the device operation principle . 

Semiconductor laser IR the diode (transferring the channel) is a source of the probing radiation. The reflected signal is registered a sensitive video camera on the basis of a matrix CCD.

The transferring channel forms a laser beam in the form of vertically located rectangular raster.
If necessary, depending on distance to object of supervision, the power of a raster of sublight can be changed for the purpose of obtaining the best contrast of the image. Focusing of the image on sharpness is made by adjustment of a lens of a video camera.
Work with the device consists in scanning of space of an estimated arrangement of the ESS and SS as well as detection on the monitor  screen or the view-finder of the bright shining points (pathces of light) in laser sublignt ruster zone. If out of the raster zone these points dissapear, these points should be considered as the potential ESS an SS. Patches of light wich don't disappear after swithcing off of laser illumination are not considered as the potential ESS and SS .

The device features binocular with protected blendy which reduces the illumination level of the bserver's face.

Model with whole binocular costs more, please contact us for the information.

Main Technical Characteristics:
Characteristics of detector cell

Detector type

1/2", CCD

Size of receiver

752x582 pixels

Detector cell' lens

Focal distance

75 mm

Feild of view (FOV)

4.9° x 3.6°

Focus control range


Operating range

Distance of ESS and SS detection

up to  1000 m

Eyepiece and built-in display


- type and  resolution

AMLCD 0,44",  
640x480 pixels

Backlight illumination

Built-in backlight illumination



808 nm

Backlight illumination FOV


Functional capabilities- continues/pulse laser illumination mode;- backlight illumination brightness adjustment; 
- automatic shutdown at the category of the battery;
- indication of a condition of the accumulator;



PAL, LEMO connector

Power supply

Self-contained power supply:  
- power supply  source type
- Voltage of power supply

Battery unit (4x18650) 

Time of continuous work without battery recharge at normal climatic conditions

not less than 5 hours

Physical characteristics

Weight including battery unit

1,5 kg

Overall dimensions

215x144x75 mm

Protection class


Operating conditions

Operating temperature range


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