New GRLED  Hidden Video Cameras Detectors

GRLED Professional hidden camera detector


ü  Height – 80 mm

ü  Width – 70 mm

ü  Thickness –  45 mm

ü  Weight –  250 g

ü  Power supply  –  13

ü  Operation time –  at least 10 hours

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GRLED is designed for observation hidden television systems

Compact portable device for individual use is designed for detection small-size video surveillance, camouflaged in the interior items, clothing, household goods, handbags, cases and etc. Device allows detecting running on TV-cameras equipped with micro lenses (incl. pin-hole).      

Device provides probing radiation with white LED (RGB). RGB LED contains 3 LEDs of red, green and blue colors in one case. A combination of three colors allows to scan in the entire visible wavelength range up to IR radiation - that is the absolute maximum, which semi-professional device can provide. CRLED has dioptric eyepiece adjustment ±5 dioptres and 2 modes of operation (constant and impulse). These features allow to increase probability and accuracy of detection secret video cameras in comparison with usual surveillance detectors.
Main Technical Characteristics:

Angle of the field of observation



Action range

Detection range of optical objects with a minimum detectable aperture of 1 mm

minimum: 2±0,1 m

maximum: 25±0,5 m

Readiness time

The time for entering the operating mode after switching on, up to

 5 s


Type of built-in highlight

light-emitting diode


625/525 nm

Angle of highlight area


Functional capabilities- constant/pulse modes of light-emitting diode highlight- dioptric eyepiece adjustment ±5 dioptres 
Power supply

Self-contained power supply 
- type of source 
- power supply voltage 
- consumption current in maximum load

2,5-3 V 
30 mA

Operating continuous time under the normal climatic conditions, no less than

10 hours

Physical characteristics

Weight, with power supply sources

0,25 kg

Overall sizes

80x70x45 mm

Degree of protection


Operating conditions

Operating temperature range


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