New OPTIC -2  Professional hidden camera detector

OPTIC -2 Professional hidden camera detector


ü  Detection range – 0,5-50 m

ü  Angle of view – 7,5 degrees

ü  Magnification – 6,5

ü  Focus range – 0,5 to infinity

ü  Battery type – Rechargeable, Li-Ion 3,6 V

ü  Operating time – 4-6 hours

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"Optic-2" is a professional hidden camera detector designed to detect and locate hidden or camouflaged camcorders and pinhole cameras, regardless of their status (on/off). The reverse reflection from hidden camera lenses will be seen thru Optic-2 oculars as a green or red dots.
Technical advantages:
- Built-in battery allows not to worry about battery cells.
- With 6.5x zoom you'll be able to look over carefully the smallest details and hardly reachable elements of the area.
- The detector allows to inspect the objects more qualitatively.
- It's more comfortable when you don't need to close one eye compared with monoculars.
- If you find a hidden camera lens with the “Optic-2”, you will see a green or red point or spot of light. This is the result of light reflection from the camera lens.
Technical characteristics: 
Parameter      Value
1. Detection range (Depends on light conditions (ambient light)) from 0.5 to 50 meters
2. Angle of view 7,5 degrees
3. Magnification 6.5х
4. Focus range: 0.5 m to ∞
5. Mode - Continuous green
- Continuous red 
- pulse green
- pulse Red
- pulse red-green
6. Power type Li-ion battery 3.7V
7. Type of backlight LED
8. Number of LEDs 22
9. Backlight colour green, red, red/green
10. Weight (grams) 450
11. Device weight including transport bag with charger (grams) 800
12. Operating time (when battery is fully charged) - In impulsive mode when using red/green light: at least 4 hours
- In continuous mode: not less than 6 hours

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