New Portable uncooled searching infrared imager KAIR

Portable uncooled searching infrared imager KAIR


ü  Type of the receiver –  Uncooled microbalometer

ü  Conversion frequency of image, at least –  25 Hz.

ü  Format of the receiver –  640х480 pix.

ü  Minimum discernible temperature difference –  0,06°С

ü  Operating spectral range –  8 – 14 mkm

ü  Viewing angle –  10,4°х7,8°

ü  Detection range /recognition of man –  1060/350 m

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Portable uncooled searching infrared imager KAIR
   KAIR device is intended for creation and visualiszation objects thermal images in long-focus infrared (IR) range with capability to store video files in the internal memory of the device. The device is effective during round-the-clock search and surveillance objects of intelligence and also under conditions of strong optical interference, such as smoke, fog.    The infrared imager's body is made of light alloy metal and has rubber inserts. KAIR has binocular with protective hood, reducing the level of expose to light. The device provides automatic binocular display's disabling when removing it from the eyes of the observer. Imager management is carried out using four buttons located on the upper part of the body. Conversion frequency of image at least 25 Hz.

Main Technical Characteristics:
Characteristics of the receiver thermal radiation

Type of the receiver

Uncooled microbalometer

Format of the receiver

640х480 pix.

Minimum discernible temperature difference


Operating spectral range

8 – 14 mkm

Readiness time, up to

7 s



Focal length

60 mm

Viewing angle


Focusing range

1m... ∞


Rnge of operation

Detection range /recognition of man

1060/350 m


Eyepiece and built-in microdisplay

- type  
- resolution

800х600 pix.



- change between thermal image: hot-and-white (positive), hot-and-black (negative);

- manual adjustment of microdisplay backlight brightness;

- digital zoom 1x, 2x, 4x;

- saving the video AVI;

- indication of battery status or a connected external power source.



PAL, LEMOconnector


Power Supply

Self-contained supply:   
- type of source 

- supply voltage   
- power consumption

Li-ion rechargeable battery  
3,6 W  
5 W

Mains supply:   
- mains adapter

5 V

Time of continuous operation under normal climatic conditions, at least

3 h

Physical caracteristics

Weight of the device with batteries

0,95 kg


181х117х68 mm

Protection class


Operation conditions

Operating temperature range


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