New Smartphone / voice recorder jammer  GTG-2070

Smartphone / voice recorder jammer GTG-2070L


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The “GTG-2070L” dictaphone suppressor is a suppressor of all types of dictaphones intended for use in office and meeting rooms. The device is mounted under the table, and emits ultrasonic directional waves in a radius of 255 °, preventing possible audio recording. This device is equipped with 24 ultrasonic emitters, the impact of which on recording devices will not allow the recording of a conversation. The power of the suppressor is carried out from 220V or from the battery (optional). For inconspicuous on and off, a remote control is provided.

The “GTG-2070L” suppressor is intended for indoor use and is installed under the table at which negotiations are planned. Thanks to the directional ultrasound emitters, audio recording is possible only from your side behind the suppressor. The interlocutors will not be able to record the conversation, since the emitters of the suppressor will be directed in their direction.


Only you can record a conversation.
Ultrasonic emitters are arranged in such a way that they suppress all recording devices in a radius of 255 °. Only you can record.
Ultrasonic emitters affect the microphone membranes of any recording devices, making the recording damaged and illegible.

Hidden use.
The suppressor is located under the table, hidden from the views of visitors, and its work remains silent.
Autonomous work (option,). The battery allows the device to operate autonomously for up to 2 hours, which will be useful in the absence of 220V at the place of use of the device.

Protection from laser microphones (optional,). At your request, this device can be equipped with special vibro-acoustic emitters, which prevent remote reading of information from the window glass of the meeting room and provide reliable protection against laser microphones.

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