New Camouflaged Smartphone / Voice recorder GTG-TYP3

Camouflaged Smartphone / Voice recorder GTG-TYP3


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This is the only device that combines 3 kinds of jammers: 2 of which are able to block audio recorders: ultrasonic + electromagnetic and the last one is for cellular communication. It has no analogues.

"GTG-TYP3" is designed to prevent unauthorized recording of a conversation recorded on a digital voice recorder and kinematic, and to authorise warrantless wiretapping and data transmission, using the channels of mobile communication systems. It is also possible to use the device to prevent leakage of information by means of wired microphones and small transmitters, in case of their falling into the sector of operation of the device. The device goes in his attache case and is capable of operating both in stationary and field conditions.


Combined inhibition of voice recorders and cellular phones;

Professional digital dictaphone blocking in shielded enclosures;

Voice recorder blocking in cell phones, smartphones like iPhone, tablet computers such as the iPad; Silent operation;

A high degree of ergonomics – integrated into a single unit generators, antenna and batteries;

Contactless switching of the remote module, ultrasonic emitters;

Remote wireless blocking mode ;

The use of various options of power sources;

Easy control and operation;

Various combinations of acquisition at the request of the customer;

Maximum range – up to 3 meters

The location of the antennas of microwave generators – built-in

The radiation pattern of the antenna:
in the horizontal plane 80

in the vertical plane 60

The directivity pattern of ultrasonic transducers:

in the horizontal plane: 60

in the vertical plane: 60

The View of used interference: speech

Operating frequency range: GSM 900, E-GSM
GSM 1800 the CDMA2000 1X standard, NMT-450i 3G – UMTS(IMT-2000/WCDMA) additionally: standards AMPS/DAMPS,CDMA-800

925 – 960 MHz

1805 – 1880 MHz

463 – 467.5 MHz

2110 – 2170 MHz

869 – 894 MHz

Maximum effective

the radius of cell phone blocking – up to 30 meters**

Multiple blocking modes – local remote radio

Duration of work in offline mode – up to 50 minutes

The duration of continuous operation is up to 2.5 hours

Power consumption: no more than 60 watts

Dimensions : 460х350х120мм

Dimensions of the remote module : 110х125х20мм
The main unit weight : no more than 9.2 kg

Operating temperature range from +5 ° to +40 ° C

Warranty :12 months

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