New Portable Smartphone / Voice recorders Jammer  GTG-GSM6

Portable Smartphone / Voice recorders Jammer GTG-GSM6


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The ultrasonic suppressor of voice recorders and wireless communication GTG-HDD6 is designed in the form of an
external hard disk. The suppressor is designed to block recording by all types of voice recorders as well as to suppress
wireless communication.

The device is equipped with six ultrasonic speakers, the impact of which on the microphone
membrane of the recording device will not allow recording the conversation at a distance of up to 5 meters from the

The communication suppressor allows blocking the transfer of data using devices that work through 3G and
4G / LTE mobile internet, GSM 900/1800 cellular communication,

GPS navigation, and also on the Wi-Fi frequency. The
device is designed in a compact case from an external hard drive and at the same time completely mimics its operation, so
that the use of the device does not attract unnecessary attention. In addition,  GTG-HDD6 is equipped with a battery and can
run autonomously for up to 40 minutes. A nice bonus is the operation of the device as a 32 GB USB-drive.

Ultrasonic sound suppression will secure you from unauthorized audio recording to digital and analog voice recorders.
Ultrasonic radiators silently impact the membrane of sensitive microphones at a distance of up to 5 meters, while only
indistinct noise will be heard when listening to the record.

Suppression of wireless communication makes it impossible to transfer confidential data within a radius of up to 15 meters
from the device. In this mode, mobile communication, mobile Internet, as well as a GPS system are blocked.
The case is made in the form of an external HDD hard disk. It allows you to freely position it on the table during
negotiations and the suppressor will not cause any suspicion from the interlocutor.

Autonomous operation of up to 40 minutes in two modes makes it possible to use the suppressor at field events.

The charge time is about 30 minutes.
Working as a USB-drive with a capacity of 32 GB allows you to use the suppressor as a storage device (does not work
when the suppressor mode is on).
Unnoticed operation. " GTG-HDD6" is designed in the case of an external hard drive and will not attract
unnecessary attention. In addition, the device works almost silently.


Effective angle of ultrasonic radiator impact: 80 degrees (for each radiator) 
Radio frequency blocking: 8 bands
Ultrasonic radiators: 6 pcs.
Range of ultrasound suppression: up to 5 meters
Suppression frequencies: - GSM900: 925-960 MHz; - GSM1800: 1805-1880 MHz; - 4G Mobile 790-830 (MTC / Tele2) - 4G
Mobile 850-894 - 3G: 2110-2170 MHz; - Wi-Fi: 2400 -2500 MHz; - GPS: 1570-1585 MHz; - LTE 4G2: 2620-2690 MHz.
Radius of signal suppression: up to 15 meters
Battery life in two modes: up to 40 minutes
Ultrasonic suppression only: up to 2.5 hours
Communications suppression only: Up to 60 Minutes Battery: 2000 mAh Charger: 12V, 5A

Dimensions: 188x116x36 mm
Weight: 590 grams

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