New 360 degrees Smartphone / Voice recorder and GSM jammer GTG-3010 GSM

360 degrees Smartphone / Voice recorder and GSM jammer GTG-3010 GSM


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The ultrasonic voice recorders and wireless communication suppressor "GTG-3010 GSM" is designed to block audio recordings via digital voice recorders and smartphones. The device is also equipped with a built-in suppressor for mobile Internet and cellular communications, which prevents information leakage by means of voice calls, SMS / MMS as well as emails and file transfers. The device is designed in such a way that ultrasonic radiators spread the interference 360 degrees around the device. The suppressor is activated with the remote control or with buttons on its housing. Built-in battery allows offline operation of up to 60 minutes, making the device possible to be used at field meetings with no 220 volt main available.

Application area

The ultrasonic voice recorders and wireless communication suppressor "GTG-3010 GSM" is capable of protecting the confidentiality of business negotiations from recording and wireless communication information leakage. Thanks to the built-in battery and small dimensions, the suppressor can be taken for business meetings and business trips.


Circular 360 degrees generation of ultrasonic interference. The maximum effect of audio recording protection is achieved due to the all-directional ultrasound radiation dispersion.

Ultrasonic interference. The suppressor is equipped with 48 ultrasonic transducers that impact the microphone membrane of the recording device directly, which makes it impossible to record the conversation.

Wireless communication block. The built-in radio frequency suppressor blocks any data transfer via cellular and mobile Internet within a radius of up to 15 meters.

Remote blocking device activation. The suppressor can be activated remotely using an infrared remote control unnoticed by the surrounding people.

Autonomous operation. Voice recorders suppressor is equipped with a built-in battery, making it possible to be used without connecting to 220 volts main. The device is capable of 1-hour autonomous operation when using two modes simultaneously.

The device is small in size, so it will appear harmonious on the negotiating table. It can be used as a stand for a vase or drinks.
Thanks to the improved design, the device suppresses all voice recorders lying on the table more properly. Its height is only 8 cm, which means that the ultrasonic suppression is spreading close to the surface of the table where the voice recorders are normally placed.

Technical features:

Ultrasound range – 360 degrees
Single emitter range - 80 degrees
Ultrasound emitters - 48 pcs
Jamming frequencies: GSM 900 GSM 1900 GSM 1800 3G 2100 GPS 1500 Wi-Fi 2400 Bluetooth 2500 LTE 4G Mobile 850 LTE 4G 2500 LTE 4G 2620-2690
Quantity of jamming frequencies -10
Suppression range – up to 15 meters
Working time with battery (3modes on)-1 h
Working time with battery (ultrasonic suppression mode) – up to 2,5 h
Power supply -12V 5 Amp
Battery – 650 mA/h
Environment temp. for stable working : -10 to + 55
Celsius Size – D180x80 mm.

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