New 360 degrees Ultrasonic Smartphone / Voice recorder Jammer  GTG-2040

360 degrees Ultrasonic Smartphone / Voice recorder Jammer GTG-2040


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Ultrasonic voice recorder jammer aimed to prevent you from unsanctioned recording on digital voice recorders, Dictaphones, smartphones and other voice recording devices.

This jammer can be used where negotiations and talks take place. The unique feature of this unit is that it has 48 ultrasound emitters, which are placed in circle for jamming any voice recording devices around the jammer.

Due to its formation we could achieve 10 meter suppression around the jammer.

This range however depends on voice recording device and its quality. Jammer works as a directional ultrasonic suppressor, inflicting jamming on voice recording device’s microphone membrane, which makes impossible to record or comprehend your conversation within jammer range. Additional acoustic jamming creates noise background which is human-like speech, which can be adjusted. In case when your conversation was recorded, the record will contain lots of voices making it harder to distinguish a single one.

Special features Ultrasonic jamming.

Affects sensitive microphone membrane of all modern smartphones and voice recorders with 8 directions of jamming

Ultrasonic emitters have 80 degree range each and placed in circle so that their jamming range overlap each other, providing maximum security and safety for your negotiations and privacy. In fact half of these emitters are overlapped with others two times, so we have 640 degree range in fact.

Has 48 ultrasonic emitters in total placed in circle to jam recording devices in 360 range. Built-in battery provides up to 2.5 h working time capacity with both –acoustic and ultrasonic jamming modes active.

Low frequency acoustic radiation creates noise background, making any recorded sound incomprehensible. As well as other protection modes - can be adjusted by using remote control.

Active cooling system. Jammer is equipped with 2 fans, preventing the device from overheating. For more effective cooling one fan works as an intake fan, the other is as an exhaust fan.

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