New Ultrasonic Smartphone/ Voice recorder Jammer  GTG-2060

Ultrasonic Smartphone/ Voice recorder Jammer GTG-2060


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The product GTG-2060 is a high-frequency signal generator with a special type of modulation, thanks to which it acts on circuits of electronic devices in which this signal, after being imposed, is processed in AGC circuits together with the useful signal, significantly exceeding its level and, accordingly, distorting it.

For impact on microphones, acoustic exposure using ultrasonic frequencies is used.

Such an impact does not interfere with the negotiation, but completely suppresses the effect of the speech signal by a large amount of ultrasound pressure.

The sound perceived by the microphone is converted into electrical oscillations, which are transmitted in one way or another to the corresponding devices for their reception and processing.

The axis of the main lobe of the radiation pattern of the microwave range generator installed in the power unit is perpendicular to the plane of each antenna unit, its width in the horizontal plane is about 80 degrees, and in the vertical one - about 60 degrees.

The axis of the radiation pattern of each ultrasonic transducer is about 60 degrees in the horizontal and vertical planes. Maximum range – up to 3 meters Type of interference: ultrasound, speech like

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