New Smartphone / Voice recorder Jammer  GTG-2030

Smartphone / Voice recorder Jammer GTG-2030


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GTG-2030 Ultrasonic suppressor specially designed for use in offices and meeting rooms for jamming voice recorders. The device is mounted under the table of the head, or negotiation table with the help of special fasteners and does not attract attention when used. Ultrasound suppression of voice recorders has a directional effect.

Remote control
Ultrasound emitters -24pcs
Effective angle: 75 degrees
Working voltage -12 V
Size – 400х100х30 (millimeters )

This unit is able to protect from laser microphones that can read or pick up the information through the window. We mangled to solve this issue with vibroacoustic emitters which are able to block information leakage through the window (OPTIONAL)

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