New Hidden Camera Detector The Stealth Hidden

Hidden Camera Detector The Stealth Hidden


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Hedden Camera Detector

1. Specification


-Resolution: 1.3MP CMOS

-3 HDR Infrared LEDs

-Power: DC 5V 2.0 AH Battery

-Battery Life: Approx. 2 Hours

-8X Optical Zoom

-Uses Interchangeable CS Mount


2. Components

1 Main Detection Unit, 1 Micro USB Cable, 1 USB Extension Cable, USB Charger, a Manual


3. Features

The traditional approach to detect makes it difficult to differentiate hidden lenses from a glass or a screw as it irradiates by direct light.



                                     Traditional Method                                                   The Stealth Hidden Cam.V1.1 

                                 (Difficult to Misconceive)                                                  (Easy to Misconceive)

With the 3 HDR infrared LEDs and witnessing light scattering of long waves on the display, you can easily differentiate illegal recording lenses from irrelevant objects such as a glass or a screw. You can also witness light emission of lenses from a wider angle than a red light. Infrared LEDs of illegal recording cameras mostly used at night can be easily founded as well because it reacts to infrared ray and emits light. (In the picture below, the center circle of the dice is a lens and the other circles are infrared LEDs)



4. How to Use

Press the power button to automatically turn on the display and the infrared ray lights.

Adjust the focus by manually turning the lens.

Bright reflection against irradiating a camera lens suggests that it’s an illegal camera.

Recharging can be done with the provided charger and the micro USB port at the bottom.


5. Detection Methods

Light Dispersion: It’s a way of irradiating an area suspicious of indirect lights. In case of hidden camera lenses, it will keep illuminating even if it’s swayed left and right due to light dispersion.

Penetration: Hidden cameras with a special filter are indistinguishable to human eyes. The presence of hidden cameras can be easily determined by penetration and reflection of infrared light.

Direct Irradiation: It’s a way of directly irradiating suspicious part of possible illegal recording. The user should see if it reflects the infrared light. Reflection of lenses in a deep hole or iPhone-typed lenses should be made almost perpendicularly. 

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