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TSCM RF Analyzer The Stealth TEAM


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Our company's flagship items are threefold

Firstly, it is the fixed-type continuous surveillance equipment, The Stealth 24/7. (This product has considerable commercial merit as it can be sold in quantities ranging from one to several tens of units to a single client. This is because it is installed at the rate of 1-2 units per executive office.)
The second is the mobile phone detector for prisons, The Stealth PRISON. This can also be sold in large quantities by installing it in each cell of the prison. 
And thirdly, there is the portable eavesdropping detection device, The Stealth TEAM. This is different from other products on the market, as mentioned in the previous email. Without performing spectrum analysis, it immediately displays "digital eavesdropping suspicion" or "analog eavesdropping suspicion" upon detecting eavesdropping frequencies. Furthermore, it allows for rapid location indication, making it practically helpful in eavesdropping detection. 
Additionally, with many recent digital eavesdropping devices being remotely operated and scheduled on a daily or weekly basis, even if pre-inspections are conducted in meeting rooms, they can easily be rendered ineffective. Therefore, our product allows security personnel to address situations inside meeting rooms in real-time using Wi-Fi or SMS, even during meetings. 

The Stealth TEAM

Automatic Spectrum Analyzer Pinpointing the Eavesdropping Device Location 

 Firstly, this equipment automatically analyzes without the need for practitioners to engage in challenging and meticulous spectrum analysis through wideband frequency scanning. It immediately displays suspicions of 'digital eavesdropping' or 'analog eavesdropping' on the screen. 

In fact, through spectrum analysis, it is impossible to determine whether digital eavesdropping is occurring. Even I, An Gyoseung, who has been engaged in security measurement work for 28 years, nod in agreement to the difficulty of determining eavesdropping through spectrum analysis. 

 Therefore, after attending over 100 specialized exhibitions worldwide in the last 15 years and collecting advanced eavesdropping technology information, I have incorporated the results into our product, including digital modulation methods for each band and major eavesdropping frequencies. Secondly, through tracking the hidden eavesdropping device's location, we can easily and quickly remove the eavesdropping device. 

 This is achieved through triangulation, where frequency sensors are distributed across three zones for monitoring. Detected specific frequencies are downloaded to a separate search receiver to easily and rapidly identify those frequencies, irrespective of other frequencies. 

The absolute function unique to The Stealth TEAM is the practical ability to track the location of eavesdropping transmitters in real-world scenarios. In other words, we can easily and quickly pinpoint eavesdropping devices. 

Moreover, in specific cases, it is possible to detect the operation of my phone, unbeknownst to me, due to smartphone or spy app interference. 

 Furthermore, in cases of important meetings within the company or external venues like hotels, traditionally, security measurements were taken just before the meeting, and if nothing suspicious was found, it was deemed completed. However, The Stealth TEAM can place equipment inside the meeting room and monitor internal suspicions wirelessly from the outside or receive alerts via SMS. 

Thus, even if security personnel cannot enter the meeting room, security tasks can be performed perfectly. Given that most digital eavesdropping devices are remotely operated from outside or automatically operated through event or weekly scheduling algorithms, such functions are essential. 


This equipment can be used as temporary fixed monitoring equipment or mobile eavesdropping detection equipment without any shortcomings. 

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